Sunday, November 1, 2009

Decorative Boxes from a Dollaramam Find

Here is a collection of boxes I decorated from a visit to chain of stores in Canada called Dollarama. These boxes were too cute to be left alone. I took them home and decided to find a way to decorate them using cardstock and embelishments. After an number of trials and errors I discovered the best way to cover them was to take a sample of each box, take it apart and make a template. With the template I laid it on my cardstock, traced and cut it out. I move on to the box I wanted to cover. Each box comes with a wooden knob that is screwed onto the front of the box. I removed the knob and put it aside. THen I adhered double sided tape to the sides of the boxes, to the top and to the bottom. I covered the box, sanded all sides to remove excess paper, adhered double sided tap to the sides again to add ribbon. Before I screwed back the knob I decorated it, added an emblishment for some and then screwed it back on.

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